Friday, July 3, 2009

A Young Muslimah who was taught well

One day, a teacher was explaining to her 4th grade class that she is an
atheist (an unbeliever of God). She ask if anyone of her students are
atheist too. Her students, wanting to be like their teacher, raised their
hands. One girl named Khadijah did not raise her hand.

Teacher : Khadijah, why didn't you raise your hand?
Khadijah : Because I am not an atheist.
Teacher : Then what are you?
Khadijah : I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah, The Most High

The teacher's face has become a shady purple. She asks why Khadijah is a

Khadijah : I was brought up knowing Allah and His Prophets, from Adam to
Muhammmad. I also know of the Ansars and Muhajirs and their struggles to
overcome many trials. My faith is one that teachs me self-control and
modesty. I have the Quran and Hadith. Besides, my dad is a muslim, my mom is
a muslim, so I am a Muslim

The teacher was then frustrated and angry.

Teacher : Aha! That's no reason. What if your dad was an idiot and your mom
was a moron, what would you be then?

Khadijah looked into her teacher's eyes, smiled and said,

"Then I would have been an atheist"


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